" There can be no holiday in Tuscany without a wine tasting at Villa Sarah San Gimignano"

wine tasting in villa tuscany

If you’re holidaying in Tuscany you should know that one of our excellent regional products known and loved throughout the world is our wine. As well as enjoying a reputation for prestige wines, Tuscan wine production boasts staggering global export levels, so you really shouldn’t miss the opportunity to experience a wine tasting for yourself, and more specifically a wine tasting at Villa Sarah.

When you talk about wines of Tuscany the most obvious one that comes to mind is the excellent Chianti. Chianti production is regulated by DOCG and covers almost the whole of Tuscany. To become an appreciator of DOCG wine and enjoy the experience of wine tasting, there are some interesting facts that you should definitely be aware of.

Production techniques, for example, are not taken for granted

They are extremely strict and underpin the prized Chianti denomination. They are considered suitable only for vineyards at altitudes below 700m and therefore on hilly terrain. All the vinification and bottling practices must take place within the DOCG area, although in recent years the possibility of obtaining licenses in special circumstances where the land meets the strict parameters imposed by the regulations has been mooted. Wine-making is a slow process and requires at least a year for ageing from the time the grapes are harvested.

As for the history of Chianti, little is known about the origins of the name. It would appear to derive from Clangor, which means noise in Latin, in reference to the hunts that are typical in the area due to its abundance of fauna. It could also derive from the Etruscan word Clante, a famous family name at that time meaning water, a precious resource in which the area was very rich, making it ideal for cultivating vines. The region has been associated with wine production since the 13th century and at this time the League had an insignia depicting a Gallo Nero (black cockerel) on a gold background which later became the symbol of the Chianto Classico Consortium.

This long tradition has endured to present day and you can rediscover it with our wine tasting events at Villa Sarah alongside experts from the industry. Typical wine tastings to accompany the typical harmonious, robust, velvety, lively and rounded flavours typical of Chianti wines. You will discover the organoleptic properties, the bouquets and the colours of grape nectars and will learn to recognise them and discern the various different qualities. A Tuscan experience to help you understand what Tuscany is about today and about its historical roots, in the company of Villa Sarah staff and the expertise of wine specialists to select the best wines for you.