The villa is located near golf Club (10 Miles) close to a well-kept course. ands or Scotland, ideal for open air pursuits. As well as horse-riding and gastronomic activities with our wine-tasting, you can also give mind and body a workout on our golf course.

Among the oddities surrounding this sport is the fact that the first ever golf course was created in Tuscany in 1889 – the Florence Golf Club; a venture organised by the British community in Florence.

Golf is a precise discipline practiced in an open space, armed with clubs and balls. The ends of the clubs are of varying weight, size and shape.The rules of the game are very few and simple to get to grips with. There are two ways to play: by completing the round in the lowest number of attempts at each hole or by trying to complete as many holes-in-one as possible.

The open fields and the fine Tuscan weather will make your stay at Villa Iris satisfying and constructive; you can get back to nature with a round of golf – the best thing for toning mind and body with a feeling of relaxation and well-being that comes from the improvement in circulation.

private villa tuscany near golf