Cooking classes are held exclusively for customers who rent Villa Sarah.
Minimum period of rent of the Villa is one week

Lessons in Tuscan cuisine at Villa Sarah

Tuscany is not just famous for its art, its countryside and its cities. Tuscan cuisine too is known throughout the world, and is one of the merits of the region that is home to Villa Sarah.

Discovering exceptional recipes

This is where some of the most famous Italian dishes originate from, whether it’s soups such as ribollita, tomato and bread soup or Livorno fish soup, main dishes such as bistecca alla fiorentina and roast pork or desserts like zucotto, castagnaccio and Siena panforte. Tuscany also has a great variety of what is nowadays called street food, with its many dishes that started out as rural, peasant food such as lampredotto (tripe), covaccino (a type of bread) and cecina (a type of salami).

Tuscan dishes are balanced from a nutritional point of view, being based on the principles and ingredients typical of a Mediterranean diet.

Cooking is culture

The wealth, the variety and the wholesomeness of the local cuisine, finally, are an integral part of Tuscan culture and amongst the characteristics most highly prized by visitors to the region. To endorse these traditions and to promote a healthy way of eating at Villa Sarah we have decided to offer our guests an experience that goes beyond just sampling the delights of our produce and instead provides the opportunity to learn the techniques and the secrets of Tuscan cuisine first hand, and help to disseminate our local culture.

Why choose our Tuscan cookery courses

The cookery courses take place within the extraordinary setting of Villa Sarah in the very heart of Tuscany, where participants will have direct contact with the finest local chefs who guard the secrets of Tuscany’s culinary traditions. Particular attention is also given to the choice of select local ingredients, since the basis of Tuscan cuisine is fresh, simple ingredients that bring out the flavours. Nutritional principles and the contribution that each ingredient makes to our bodies will also play an important part of the course.

But more than just cooking techniques, our chefs will convey the fundamental ingredient required for any recipe: a passion and a love for good food and cooking; values ​​that are closely linked with the lifestyle in Tuscany.